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    November 28, 2022

    Dr. Rajiv Naidu

    March 23, 2022

    Mukta Rastogi

    What People Say About Us

    How people have benefited from our Courses


    Aastha Gulati

    I have done all my Levels with EKAA (CHII) And it has made a significant difference in my life!
    It has been a wonderful journey just to understand how your mind works.. and where all the negative thoughts come from and how wonderful it is to be able to remove them..All by yourself!!

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    Sabita Erady

    Sabita Erady

    Hypnotherapy Course Level 2 and 3 with EKAA, Delhi. Changed my life entirely… the trainer had and in depth knowledge in the field of Hypnotherapy. He was been a proficient trainer with an ability to brilliantly relate theories and concepts to routine life application. His genuine willingness to go out of the way to ensure his students have understood the concept is commendable.

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    Zinnia H Bharucha

    Zinnia H Bharucha

    I still remember my first Past Life experience and how it vastly shifted my life and my perspective about life post that. I was suffering majorly through acne at that time and the past life helped me understand why I was going through what I was going through.

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    Shweta Mishra

    Shweta Mishra

    I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer for Level-1 of Integrated Basic Course Of Clinical Hypnotherapy from EKAA.

    have handled more than 50 cases successfully while practising as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and have conducted three sessions of Level-1 training and more than 25 sessions of Foundation Course.

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    Richa Suman Vyas.

    When I came to EKAA, I was already practising as a past life regression therapist. But I was not happy with my skills and knew that there’s something more to learn.  Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy course made me a complete therapist as it includes wholesome healing including past, present, future, classical

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