Board of directors


Yuvraj Kapadia

A gold medalist in Microbiology from Mumbai University, who went on to being a financial whiz kid, Yuvraj today dispenses education, albeit of a different kind. He encourages all his therapists and students to think on their own. He believes that each one of us is capable of wonderful feats once we are unburdened by our beliefs and conditioning.
Apart from conducting workshops for various organizations like Fidelity Investments, HSBC and the TAJ Group of Hotels, he also regularly travels to Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok to spread awareness through workshops, seminars and training programs.

Yuvraj Kapadia is among the five trainers worldwide for TASSO.

EKAA(CHII) at the World Congress on Regression Therapies(WCRT):

2nd WCRT – Held at New Delhi, India in 2006
Paper presented: Emotional Empowerment in Regression Therapy.
Presented by: Yuvraj Kapadia

3rd WCRT – Held at Brazil in 2008.
Paper presented: Use of Parallel Realities in Regression Therapies
Presented by: Yuvraj Kapadia

4th WCRT – Held at Turkey in 2011
Paper presented: Emotional Empowerment and Parallel Realities to Resolve Past Life Issues
Presented by: Yuvraj Kapadia

5th WCRT – Held at Porto in 2014

Paper presented: “Choices and Consequences – The Body Mind Interplay”
Presented by: Yuvraj Kapadia.

Abhishek Kapadia

Introduction – Abhishek Yuvraj Kapadia joined EKAA officially as the Strategic business head in January 2015. Under his dynamic and fresh approach EKAA has branched out into several new international locations. He divides his time between India and Sydney, Australia juggling between two interesting and diverse careers. He is the guitarist and vocalist for his rock band “ADAPTORS” in Sydney.

He holds a degree with Distinction in Bachelor of Business and a degree with distinction in Bachelor of science in Information technology from The University of Sydney (UTS)

Under his able leadership EKAA now has its presence in Muscat, Kenya, Lebanon and The United States along with existing franchisees at Dubai and Hong Kong. He has been instrumental in introducing several new projects in EKAA and also streamlining operations at our head office in Mumbai.

His dream and vision is to make a positive difference in the lives of others and through his ideas and inputs at EKAA he aims to make it  ”The GO TO” organization in alternative healing and holistic living.

His work experience from 2005 – 2015 includes various marketing and business strategy roles in organizations such  as Focus Technologies and database creation at The Cancer Council, New South Wales, Australia.

Priya KP

Priya joined EKAA officially as director in 2014. She has a Masters degree in Microbiology from Bangalore university.

With a proven track record of having worked with top notch corporates like Infosys, Accenture, and HSBC etc she brings to the organisation all her administrative acumen that has largely been responsible for the metamorphosis from CHII to EKAA. She also has an Advanced Diploma in Psychology and Counselling from ICI , Sydney and has been exploring the use of Movement therapy to combat stress and anxiety.

Priya has been actively participating in various international webinars to understand the impact of COVID 19 on family systems and domestic violence, social and economic impact of COVID 19 on youngsters, development of new early childhood development systems etc. She uses her creativity to spearhead the organisation’s vision and mission to be the leading brand in Integrated clinical hypnotherapy in the world.