Clinical Hypnotherapy > EKAA Foundation Course

This course is an opportunity to know about Mind & Process of Self Hypnosis;

This serves as the first step to becoming Professional Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist
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This Course will Help us in Motivating our mind to be positive or Directing it to be on positive thinking path along with Helping us to make favorable difference in our & others Life.

Contents Offered:

  • Understanding Fight Flight Response (Survival Instincts)
  • Understand How MIND operates (Theory of the MIND)
  • What is Hypnosis? How does it help in many ways?
  • Dream Interpretation Basics
  • Origin of stress and ways to deal with it
  • Self hypnosis (Mind Programming for Desired Goals and Self Suggestions)
  • Get some of your basic questions answered about Hypnosis and How it works?
  • Affiliations
  • Further teachings and curriculum offered by EKAA Foundation of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy

The content Benefits:

  • Used for  Goals Setting
  • Profound Understanding Mind & Self.
  • Profound Understanding of Inter Personal Communication
  • Boosting Self Esteem
  • Boosting Confidence
  • Improve concentration
  • Help in Relieving Stress
  • Improve the Quality of Sleep
  • Living Stress Free
  • Dealing with Different Anxieties


  • Place to Conduct the Course
  • White Board
  • Marker
  • LCD Projector / TV (Optional)

Who Can Participate or Attend the Course:
Anyone & Everyone Who is inspired to Make the Difference in their Life; to understanding the Complexity & functions of Mind in the simplest manner; Who wants to know, understand and Apply the Tools included in the Course.

We would be highly delighted to answer any queries you may have about the format and approach to this introductory session.