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Level 5 – Certificate Course on Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy



  • Concept of healing and importance of an integrated healing approach
    • Origin and Reversibility of Disease
    • Basic preparations for being a therapist – effects of different breathing patterns of the human system; meridian & chakra opening exercise; understanding personal energy matrix through chakras & meridians; meditations for harmonizing personal energy matrix; techniques to energetically prepare self and environment for conducting a session
    • Scanning & healing human energy grids through tactile approach & use of crystals
    • Mind Dynamics
    • Talking to the Sub-conscious Mind
    • Understanding authentic versus polluted energy
    • Dealing with energy pollution & remedial processes at physical & energy matrix level
    • Identification & Resolution of Vows, Oaths & Curses (if any)
    • Journey of Consciousness and Metaphysics of disease
    • Regeneration of organs
    • Allergy Management
    • De-addiction – Smoking /Alcohol
    • Somatic Entry points – for Therapeutic Resolution
  • Rhythmic Relaxation Technique
  • Exploration & Resolution of Core Beliefs – affecting Therapeutic Approach & competency
    • Format of Case Reporting

Duration: 8 Days

Certification: “Certification Course in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy”

Prerequisite: Level IV Certification: Course in Integrated Spiritual Hypnosis



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