Post Graduate Diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapies


Module 1:


Basic Skills, Intake and Induction, Reliving and Regression, Personification, and Aura-Exploration


Module 2:


Accident Trauma Release, Childhood Trauma, Hangovers and Postulates, Inner Child Work, Birth Trauma, Pre-Natal Trauma


Module 3:


Life Plan and Life Choices, Releasing Attachments from Living Persons and Ancestors, Releasing Attachments from Entities



Module 4:


Traumatic and Hangover Lifetimes; Painful, Confused, Unnoticed, Overwhelming Deaths; Positive Lifetimes and Shy Lifetimes


Module 5:


Complicated and Karmic Lifetimes, Pre-human Lifetimes (Animal, Sipritual,  Extraterrestrial), Higher Self Interventions, Patterns through Different Lifetimes and Integrative Sessions


Module 6:


Great Integrations, Core Issue Exploration and Transformation, Homing Sessions.



All modules include Mandatory Supervised Practice and Internal Assessments.


There is one written examination after the 3rd Module and a Practical  Supervision by either Hans TenDam or Marion Boon at the end of all 6 Modules.




Signed by Hans TenDam (TASSO International) and gives you entrance into  EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy), IPART (International  Professional Association of Regression Therapists) and shortens the application  process for IBRT (International Board of Regression Therapy).


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Course Price
PGD-TRT Module 1 Rs. 36000
PGD-TRT Module 2 Rs. 36000
PGD-TRT Module 3 Rs. 36000
PGD-TRT Module 4 Rs. 36000
PGD-TRT Module 5 Rs. 36000
PGD-TRT Module 6 Rs. 36000